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One of my hobbies is collecting action figures. For some I build custom diorama's to display them:

Mortal Kombat

Mortal Kombat dungeon battle: Sub-Zero vs Scorpion with Noob Saibot lurking in the back.
mortalkombat01 mortalkombat02 mortalkombat03 mortalkombat04 mortalkombat05 mortalkombat06 mortalkombat07 mortalkombat08 mortalkombat09 mortalkombat10 mortalkombat11

Iron Man's Hall of Armor

A few of Iron Man's armors on display in the hall of armor.
hall01 hall02 hall03 hall04 hall05 hall06 hall07 hall08 hall09 hall10

Star Wars - Jabba The Hutt's court

This is a bigger diorama of Jabba The Hutt's Throne from Return of the Jedi. I also included a picture from the work in progress to show the materials used, mainly cardboard and foam.
jabba01 jabba02 jabba03 jabba04 jabba05 jabba06 jabba07 jabba08 jabba09 jabba10 jabba11

G.I.Joe - Ninja Dojo

A dojo with lots of racks to place all kinds of ninja weapons in.
dojo01 dojo02 dojo03 dojo04 dojo05 dojo06 dojo07 dojo08 dojo09 dojo10

G.I.Joe - Weapon storage

A storage room containing a few gun racks and other equipment like gas masks helmets and some electronics.
weapon01 weapon02 weapon03 weapon04 weapon05 weapon06 weapon07 weapon08

G.I.Joe - Sewer Infiltration

The G.I.Joe Night Force is entering the sewers to infiltrate a Cobra base!
sewer01 sewer02 sewer03 sewer04 sewer05 sewer06 sewer07 sewer08

Star Wars - Emperor's Throne

A small diorama of the Emperor from 'Return of the Jedi' with the distinctive window and his chair.
emperor01 emperor02 emperor03 emperor04 emperor05 emperor06 emperor07 emperor08

Star Wars - Endor forrest

Small diorama of a Endor-like setting, the forrest moon from 'Return of the Jedi'
endor01 endor02 endor03 endor04 endor05

Marvel - Back street alley

A small diorama of a alley, with a door to some sleezy underground bar and some litter laying around (a Daily Bugle newspaper and Stark Industries Box)
alley01 alley02 alley03

G.I.Joe - Secret Cobra Base

I'd already made smaller dioramas to pose a few action-figures in, but I wanted to have a bigger one that could house a whole bunch. I opted for a G.I.Joe raid on a secret Cobra lab hiding in a big warehouse. Materials used: different types of cardboard, polysterene plates, papier-mache, all kinds of plastic pieces, straws and wooden skewers.
mars01 mars02 mars03 mars04 mars05 mars06 mars07 mars08 mars09 mars10 mars11 mars12 mars13 mars14 mars15 mars16 mars17 mars18 mars19

Transformers - Street Battle Scene

This diorama was build to display some Transformers figures from the movie lines. It depicts a street where some battle took place between the heroic Autobots and evil Decepticons. It was build using mostly cardboard, silver foil paper, some plastic straws for the fires and painted with watercolors.
street01 street02 street03 street04 street05 street06

Who am I?

Name Sören Peeters
Birthday October 25, 1983
Location Mazenzele, Belgium
Occupation Telecom Engineer
Favourite Comics Transformers, Avengers, Nightwing
Favourite Movies Marvel Cinematic Universe, the Star Wars thrilogies
Interests comics, art, webdesign, movies, computer, Formula 1